elvira's mexican grill


Who is Elvira?

The story begins in the early 70's when my Mom (Elvira) and Dad (Fermin) decided to open up their first restaurant in Van Nuys, California. The name of that restaurant was Marcos Deluxe Smorgasbord. My Mom had a gift for creating great recipes. Some of the highlights were chile rellenos, chile verde, beef stroganoff, stuffed cabbage, and barbeque short ribs made with her delicious homemade barbeque sauce. As a dessert she likes to make her famous blueberry cheese blintzes topped with french vanilla ice cream - it was delicious. Marcos Deluxe Smorgasbord became a BIG success.

The second restaurant that Mom and Dad opened was in Northridge, California. The name of that restaurant was Marco's Mexican Restaurant. The restaurant was beautifully decorated and it too became very successful. In January 2013 my family and I decided to open our own Mexican restaurant here in the city of Upland, California. We decided to name it Elvira's in memory of my Mom.

Today, Elvira's Mexican Grill offers traditional Mexican cuisine using my Mom's own recipes as well as modern American fare, such as our Angus Beef burgers and specialty salads which are made using heart of romaine lettuce. All of our food is prepared daily using the freshest ingredients, including high-quality meats and fresh produce, prepared in traditional Mexican style.